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Where nonbelievers can talk freely
Where nonbelievers can talk freely

This town is just a few miles from me.

An update from Southeast Texas Humanist Alliance:

On a positive note, one of the local pastors who headed this up has contacted us , apologized, and wants to meet with us over coffee. I see this being a HUGE step in getting this area finally to see atheists as people and realize they do exist right here.


Atheists in Texas said that Christians holding a prayer vigil ripped up their letter asking for an “amicable solution” to complaints about a cross in a public city park.

In a letter to Port Neches city government last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) argued that a Christian cross standing in RiverFront Park violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

“The Latin cross is the principal symbol of Christianity around the world, and display of the cross alone could not reasonably be taken to have any secular point,” FFRF attorney Rebecca Markert explained in the letter.


And my “favorite”part

“And it won’t be long and they’re going to take our churches away,” Ackley added. “It’s not going to be long and they’re not going to allow us to have our Bibles. And I was placed on this Earth by God to fight for him, and over my dead body.”



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