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Where nonbelievers can talk freely

The Universe

– “I have a secret. It’s called the secret.“
– “I have a secret, you’re an asshole!” - Garfunkel and Oates (29-31)


So Amy Schumer gives us another fantastic little sketch. This time with the help of The Science Guy, explaining how if you really want something without actually having to think or work or basically do anything productive, you just ned to wish for it, like, Really Hard! And if things don’t go your way then it’s not your fault, you did everything you could.

Oh! I remember when I worked on the organization and promotion of an event for one of the authors of “The Secret” movie thingy, Mary Diamond, and we were treated with the privilege of watching the whole event. But that’s for another rant. Let us just enjoy frustrated Bill Nye saying “It makes no fucking sense!”

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