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Where nonbelievers can talk freely
Where nonbelievers can talk freely
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Women in the atheist movement

I don’t check in with the sub-blogs I love very often. I should do that more. When the content doesn’t move as quickly I tend to forget they’re there.

Anyway, watching that interview Bill Maher did with BO, Mr GV and I agreed that we don’t really like the idea of Maher being the atheist spokesperson, but couldn’t really come up with someone who wasn’t more than equally not-quite-right. Mr GV has been watching and participating in this movement longer than I have and I asked him if he could think of any women that might fit the bill (no Googling). After a couple minutes of head scratching, he could only come up with Susan Jacoby. Though there are women who publish and speak, there aren’t any that anyone listens to they way they do Dawkins, Hitchens, or (ugh) Shermer.


Who are your favorite women in atheism? What about their perspective do you appreciate?

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